Client Testimonials

Many of Nielsen’s and IRi’s clients use NCP data to understand the retail channel choices available to shoppers, by seeing where panelists purchase certain products.  These are just a few examples of how important NCP data is to manufacturers and retailers:

By using NCP information, one client, a manufacturer, was able to see that their competitor’s products were being purchased in non-grocery retailers. Utilizing this information, the client can now make sure they have their own products in non-grocery stores and ensure that their product is competitively priced in grocery stores.

Another client, also a manufacturer, was looking to extend their product line to include lip care items. Using NCP information, they were able to confirm that their current customer also purchases a significant amount of lip care products. They have now expanded their brand name into the Lip Care product category!


Panelist Testimonials

Here's what our panelists have to say:

“The best way I know to not only receive points that can be used for gifts, but to make it known what America buys so manufacturers can meet our needs.”

 – M. Chegar

“Join NCP and give your views on all your purchases to ensure that customers are getting the most for their money. “

 – L. Jones

“I've been a member for years and enjoy answering surveys, earning points and shopping the reward catalog.”

 – D. Armstrong

“Give your opinion to manufacturers and retailers about things you buy and use – then, earn rewards! This is easy and fun!”

 – T. Robertson

“This a great panel to be a part of as it gives you a chance to express your opinions about many products and also be rewarded with lots of points (for gift selections) and a chance to win prizes!”

 – B. Cangemi

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