NCP Holds First Ever "Bring Your Parents to Work Day"

Syosset, NY (September 30, 2016) - On September 23, 2016, National Consumer Panel employees welcomed parents, grandparents and in-laws to our office for the opportunity to learn more about our company at our first ever "Bring Your Parents to Work Day."

Inspired by our yearly "Bring Your Child to Work Day," this new event gave parents of our employees a chance to learn about NCP's panel program, how we collect the data from our panel members, what happens to the information and much more. Activities also included tours of our office, interactive games as well as lunch with their children/grandchildren.

Director of Operations Richard Sandler, instrumental in the creation of the event, said "For many of us, we wouldn't be where we are today without the care, concern and guidance of our parents. This was a special opportunity to show them how everything they put into raising us resulted in some amazing people working here at our company!"

Parents receiving a tour of NCP's offices view artwork made by their grandchildren during Bring Your Child To Work Day

Plans are already underway to make this an annual event.

About National Consumer Panel
The National Consumer Panel is an operational joint venture between the two leading longitudinal consumer insights providers in North America - IRi and Nielsen.

By recruiting, incenting, and equipping a representative sample of U.S. consumers with handheld scanning devices as well as alternative methods of data collection, NCP provides the highest quality, actionable consumer data to support the needs of both IRi and Nielsen.

CONTACT: Jane Slater, Senior Manager, Human Resources

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