NCP has a "hauntingly" good time celebrating Halloween 2017

National Consumer Panel celebrated Halloween by inviting our colleagues to dress up in costume or Orange and Black.

In addition, we had our first ever "Reverse Trick or Treat," where everyone received a treat bag of candy. Several bags included a scratch off ticket and one bag included a pre-paid visa gift card!

A mysterious pumpkin-headed creature appeared to give out the treats, only to disappear without a trace...spoooooky!

Hope you had a safe and fun Halloween!

About National Consumer Panel
The National Consumer Panel is an operational joint venture between the two leading longitudinal consumer insights providers in North America - IRi and Nielsen.

By recruiting, incenting, and equipping a representative sample of U.S. consumers with handheld scanning devices as well as alternative methods of data collection, NCP provides the highest quality, actionable consumer data to support the needs of both IRi and Nielsen.

CONTACT: Jane Slater, Senior Manager, Human Resources

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