NCP Says thanks to our "Super Team" With "Employee Appreciation Week"

Throughout the year, National Consumer Panel acknowledges the dedication and hard work of our employees through a number of engagement activities. The most popular event however is our annual "Employee Appreciation Week."

Celebrating its fourth anniversary, "Employee Appreciation Week" gives us the chance to thank our team for everything that they've done for the organization the past year.

Decorations and notes of appreciation adorned the NCP office during Employee Appreciation Week

Held traditionally during the week leading up to Thanksgiving, NCP employees are treated to a number of perks, including:
•In-office massages by professional masseuses.
• "Get out of the office for Lunch" Day -- no sitting in your office: you have to get out and enjoy the day.
• Hot breakfast with pancakes, French toast, eggs, sausage and of course bacon!
• Prizes and giveaways.

This year's theme was "Thanks for being an NCP Superhero!" Pictures and signs depicting popular superheroes adorned walls. A special scavenger hunt was also held where employees searched for Superhero insignias hidden throughout the office, with prizes for those who found them.

NCP employees took turns spinning our special prize wheel during Employee Appreciation Week

In addition, we debuted our new "Spin the Wheel" contest, where employees could win additional prizes and perks with the spin of a carnival-like wheel!

About National Consumer Panel
The National Consumer Panel is an operational joint venture between the two leading longitudinal consumer insights providers in North America - IRi and Nielsen.

By recruiting, incenting, and equipping a representative sample of U.S. consumers with handheld scanning devices as well as alternative methods of data collection, NCP provides the highest quality, actionable consumer data to support the needs of both IRi and Nielsen.

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